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Synergy Adventure Training specializes Adventure Race training weekends, in team building, leadership, and high adventure skills and activities. A must do for Adventure Racers looking to get ready for their first race or for the more experience racers looking to better there performance. Also a great Adventure weekend in the outdoors. I'll be there as your favorite instructor!

Canada's great Adventure Races, the Ultimate Adventure Race series.

So much to offer, check them out.

See you there!

Sea2Summit! What can I say, the best fun in Adventure Racing you can have. As challenging as you want to make it yet very accessible to all that want to experience it.

At Sea2Summit, everyone is a winner! Cool site, good up and coming AR friends.
Mountain Bike Kanata Good info, Kanata Lakes directions.

If you're looking for the Ultimate in accessories for tooting around the kids, (as well will be) check out their awesome line of Chariot Carriers. When it comes to being outdoors and your children these are the BEST kid carriers on the market. And where would an outdoor enthusiast find such a product, at FRESH AIR EXPERIENCE.
See for the full meal deal. BEST purchase for any family who want to keep thier family in touch with the outddors.
Purchase one carrier kit and start adding conversion kits, before you know it, you'll have all the accessories to jog, stroll, bike, hike and x-country ski all with shocks or without.
Check out this awesome CANADIAN produce at
No active family should do without..... Great place to buy and sell new and used bike parts.
Not to mention they have some good local MTN bike pics on the site. Interested in Spinning or becoming a Spin Instructor, checkout the Mad Dogg site. Awesome forum and a great place to pick up great tips on spinning techniques.
Check out thier course schedule for spin Orientations and courses offered in the Ottawa region.


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