Group Rides and Training

Welcome to our group rides and Training sessions. We started this a few years ago by loving to share the joy of mountain Biking with others. Now with the love of Adventure Racing, we also invite friends to partipate in our Trail runs/hikes, paddle outings and more. Come and enjoy the energy!

Visit us weekly and daily for updates. Everyone is welcome to join.

Times indicated is the time of departure (when possible), so please try to show up early.

To contact us:

Tobin (I update this site):
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Date and Time Discipline Meeting location Details...
Nov 13 results: And then we where 10! A great looking group I'd say!

Wed Dec 11

7:00 PM


8-9 KM

Our place

1-142 Laval

A nice cold run.... this is when the group energy is most needed!

Let me know if you plan on joining please.

Thurs Dec 12

7:30 PM

VR Climbing Vertical Reality!

Join Dan DuFeu []

He'll be there between 7:30 and 8

Have fun

Frid Dec 13

8:00 PM

VR Climbing Vertical Reality!

We plan on getting there for about 8:00 PM. Come and join in!

Sat Dec 14

10:00 or 11:00 AM


5 KM


Bank and Somerset

Spin and run or jun join for the run.

The Spin starts at 10:00 AM, remember to reserve your spot as space is limited.

The run starts at 11:05 AM about.

CycleFit holds no responsibility for injuries or anything else that can possibly happen on these social outings. We simply help organize them...


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